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This Yacht Builder Mastered Material and Human Resource Allocation With Fohlio

Identifying Best Products Specification Product Cataloging Design

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Year Founded:



  • Yacht builders 

Team Size

40 employees


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Project Types


Use Cases

  • Multi-Location Project Management
  • Managing Multiple Workflows

At A Glance:

What They Needed Help With: 

  • Multiple projects in multiple locations made it difficult to track what part of the lifecycle each project is in.

  • Teams were scattered and difficult to manage.

  • Excel made it difficult to specify details for customized items.

  • Needed a tool that could tag materials according to locations.

Fohlio’s Solutions:

  • Specification features

  • Customizable workflows

  • Budget trackers

  • Approval tracking

How They're Doing Now:

  • Built a master list of pre-approved product catalogs for easy specification during the designing stages.

  • Able to manage even granular product attributes.

  • Product statuses are easily approved by librarians.

  • Designers make better-informed product selections.

The Largest Luxury Yacht Builder In All Of North America

This yacht builder is a Florida-based company that specializes in superior vessel construction and craftsmanship. Their in-house team is built of naval architects, marine engineers, and design specialists. They are a company focused on creating vessel designs that meet the highest standards of quality.

Special Projects Call For Superior Cross-Functional Management Capabilities

Yachts are not your everyday spaces. They require special attention in terms of design standards and other details. For them, it was important to track the lifecycle of each of their projects, plus have the capacity to specify custom pieces for their vessels and to have each element of the design in the right places. Using spreadsheets alone, this was nearly impossible: Finishing specifications in Excel took a long time. 

Through Fohlio, the company gained better control over their projects. Standards were of precedence in their projects because yachts require a different set of tools and an unorthodox way of planning -- which is what made Fohlio a good fit for the unique company. Custom workflows and flexible tables made it easier to organize product information and have all their members on one platform. 

Organized And Visible Product Information

The company could now divide its product information into different lifecycles, and then sort the same information according to areas. This made it easier for the company to sort materials according to their location. Fohlio also made it easy to do custom-made specifications using the components feature. 

Other than organizing product information, they were able to improve a lot more areas in their workflows. They were able to form an internal standard workflow for their project members which improved collaboration between their internal teams and external stakeholders. Tracking budgets also got easier with Fohlio’s budget tracking system and cost analysis feature.