Most likely, you reuse a schedule template for new projects. Maybe it’s something that works best for you. Maybe it’s the standard at your firm. In either case, it makes things easier. You know where things are.

But could it be better? Oh, yeah. Fohlio has some sweet features just for you.

There is no language or currency restriction. Perfect for designers around the world!  Here is a quick guide on how to do it on Fohlio:

Getting your template into Fohlio might seem like a task. But it’s not. You can message us through the Live Chat button on our site and we’ll set your templates up for free (and even add in any products you already have in your project!).

But, if you want to do it yourself. Here’s how you can create your master project template in Fohlio.


Step 1: Use one of our “Sample Projects.” Make any tweaks you need. Or start with our default template.  Your configuration will show on your web clipper as well.

Step 2: Set up the columns you need for your Table View

Start with “All Product View”. Any changes you make there show up in all your other schedules. So, it’s a quick way to get all your schedules looking the same.

Get even more out of Fohlio. Set up your Total Cost Calculator. Then, you can track the cost of your project as it moves along.The total cost is displayed in the organizer folder, as the sum of the calculated numbers of selected columns. Be careful with which columns you add to total cost calculation, and not to select columns with duplicate variables. 


Step 3: Add, edit, and activate the schedules you want to use.

Want some of your schedules to be set up differently than the rest? Select the individual schedule, and any changes you make only apply there.


Step 4, Go to Mood Board View. Select which fields you want to show in this view.

Step 5, (Optional) You can organize your products in Fohlio with folders and subfolders. I like to use them to keep track of different spaces I’m working on and/or to section off different options.

Moving items into and out of different folders is easy. Just click and hold the hand icon next to the item and drag it to the folder you want it in.

If you configured your Total Cost Calculator, you can see the total in your folders change as you move products. Pretty neat.


Step 6, Select the schedule and the organizer folder, use Quick Entry function to add your placeholder list with a few clicks.

Or use the upload functions to import all your product list with a simple copy and paste.

Now you have your Master Template Project ready. Every time when you create a new project, just duplicate from your template project via the Project Editor page.


Have more questions on this topic? Just message us via the live chat Help button.

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