Most designers organize their product list by schedule or rooms or any other categories. Here is how it can be done easily with tons of flexibilities:

A default list of schedules is available for you to add products in. You can edit the list of schedule and their column settings in schedule template.

(If you prefer not to break down the product list by schedule, just create a new schedule called “general” or anything you want, and add all the products to that schedule.)

Many also use the Organizer to create folders for different room locations or package options for their client.

It is easy to create and configure your folders and sub folders.

Select any itmes and use the hand icon to move or copy products in and out of different folders. The item counts and total cost in each folder/subfolder will be updated automatically

Click on any item, the folders in which this item is placed will be highlighted in green

When viewing mood board or download any presentation documents, you can do so by schedule, by folders or by selected items. 

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