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Attract More Franchisees and Members

Empower members to achieve success under your brand.

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Provide Franchisees With a Clear Picture of What to Expect
  • Provide accurate estimates for project costs and timelines.

  • Demonstrate ROI. 

  • Help franchisees visualize finished projects.

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Help Franchisees Succeed
  • Make it easy to facilitate bulk orders, get bigger discounts, then pass on savings to your members.

  • Streamline approvals and decision-making smoother for members.

  • Create a materials library of pre-approved items to make it easier to adhere to brand standards.

  • Enable repairs, replacements, and replenishment of FF&E and OS&E.

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Get Better Visibility and Access Across Locations
  • Compare costs and revenue between franchisees and establish best practices.

  • Identify trends and opportunities for cost savings.

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See These Fohlio Features in Action

Fohlio's features help you manage the budgeting, specifying, purchasing, inventory, and product data management process from end to end.

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Features to Help You Track Status and Revisions in Purchase Orders

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3 Ways You Can Design to Budget Without Compromising Vision

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