Sync Design with Procurement

  • Build BOQ lists in a few clicks.
  • Create POs, invoices, and more from spec sheets.
  • Sync Revit model data for more powerful specification.
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All Your Procurement Workflows in One Place

Specification, Procurement, and Data Management Software

Manage budget, specification, purchasing, inventory, and product data management from end to end.

  • Estimate costs automatically, as products are specified.
  • Track budget, cost, and client price side by side.
  • Analyze costs by area or material division.
  • Identify cost overruns before spending anything.

Accurate Budgeting -- Instantly

  • Value-engineer with ease.
  • Compare supplier quotes at a glance.
  • Swap materials with a click.

Clearly Demonstrate Cost Savings

Eliminate Time-Wasting Emails

  • Request and receive quotes within your dashboard.
  • Send client proposals from your dashboard.
  • View PO and invoice statuses at a glance.
  • Generate professional-looking reports in minutes.

See PO Statuses at a Glance

  • Mark POs and invoices as paid.
  • Available budget is automatically calculated and visible.
  • Stay on top of lead times and tracking numbers.
  • Track actual delivered quantities.

Collaborate Securely

  • Invite suppliers and clients to projects.
  • Have suppliers participate in building your materials library.
  • Share data with discretion.

Improve Purchasing Performance

  • Monitor cost evolution over time.
  • Benchmark pricing for future projects.
  • Compare performance and processes across projects.
  • Compare current costs with previous project data.

Re-specify brand-approved products in seconds
and reduce manual, repetitive work.

Streamline Brand Design Across Projects


Re-specify brand-approved products in seconds
and reduce manual, repetitive work.

Procure Faster at Scale


Granular budgeting. Easy value-engineering.

Trusted By the World's Most Creative
Designers and Builders -- Big and Small

And many more.

Best Western
Hotels & Resorts

Design Better, With Less Repetitive Work

Super Fast and Powerful Specification

  • Collect information in seconds.
  • Eliminate manual copy-paste.
  • Grab text, images, files, and more.

Enforce Brand Standards

  • Improve visibility for brand-approved products.

Instantly Find the Perfect Product

  • Filter for multiple attributes at once.
  • Unlimited tagging + powerful search.

Trusted By the World's Most Creative Designers and Builders -- Big and Small

And many more.

Export and Sync Revit Data

  • Sync modeling, specification, and modeling.
  • Keep Revit models light.
  • Minimize redundant schedule creation.

Collaborate Securely With Anyone

  • Work together from anywhere in the world.
  • Set up standard workflows and templates.
  • Invite owners, consultants, and contractors.
  • Share data with discretion.

Manage Large Projects With Confidence

  • Massive product databases won't impact performance.
  • Fohlio grows with your firm.

Create Professional-Looking Documents

  • Send impressive proposals to clients.
  • Tear sheets, spec books, and more in seconds.
  • Request custom report setup.

Mood Board Powerfully

  • Create mood boards from product library images in seconds.
  • Turn approved  mood boards into spec books automatically.

Streamline Design and Procurement

  • Reduce manual, duplicate entries for procurement teams.
  • Create POs directly from schedules.
  • Send procurement documents from your dashboard.
  • Track invoices, payment, shipment statuses, etc.
+1 646 362 4944
1 Liberty St., 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10006 USA

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Manage budget, cost estimation, value-engineering, purchasing, delivery tracking,
and cost monitoring over time.

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Design Better, With Less Repetitive Work

Travis Reese is the Procurement Manager for Goebel Design Group. His day-to-day responsibilities involve wrangling pricing so he can stay within the set budgets. 

Before Fohlio, Travis’s days were spent on repetitive entries. He would cycle through emails, meeting notes, and multiple spreadsheets in order to keep track of deadlines. And every time a PO was generated, formulas had to be created all over again.

Since adopting Fohlio, with its PO system that has an entire database of products attached, Travis’s workflow has become much more efficient: Multiple spreadsheets have been replaced with one central database, and formulas are now automatically generated.

Case Study

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