Data and standards are available to the entire firm

Save hours of labor by minimizing errors and providing quick access to information. The library's powerful search function lets your team find a product by name, color, project, and more.

Fohlio Features | Centralized Construction Product Library

Quick view function lets you see all associated data right in your library

With Quick View, you can be sure you're specifying the exact item you need -- even with several confusing versions. Save hours of do-overs.

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Library-powered interior design 
mood board

Creating mood boards is easy when your materials are automatically organized for you. Materials associated with your current project are available at your fingertips, and narrowing them down by area and/or category is easy.

Need concept products for atmosphere? Just search for it in your library!

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Fohlio is a powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use FF&E specification software for interior designers and architects.

Instantly extract product information from any website using our lightweight web clipper: no dragging and dropping, just a few clicks and your information is saved to your FF&E schedule. Our massive product library allows most product information to auto-populate, like color and finish. Does the product website have specification documents? We’ll save that for you, too!

Besides organizing FFE schedules, you can also create a mood board (or two, or however many you want), ask suppliers for quotes, and compare prices, all in one dashboard. Switch views to organize your products by floor, room, item type, or supplier.

Collaboration is also easy as pie: Decide what and how much you want to share with team members, clients, and vendors. Get trade discounts and keep your markup to yourself, without switching between different documents.

Generate PDFs with a few clicks, whether it’s a tear sheet, the whole concept presentation, or even invoices. Want to make sure branding is on point? Fohlio is so customizable that you can use your brand’s own logos, color schemes, and fonts.

Speaking of customization: You can set up your templates however you want (we understand that a lot of users are used to a certain way of organizing files and data), edit, delete, and add columns, and use whatever language you like.

If you think our product is great, you’ll be happy to know that our customer service is even better. We’ve got 24-hour chat support with real, live people. Schedule a demo any time and one of our customer success agents will be happy to show you around, get your started and set up quickly, and show you all the nifty things you can do. We’ll even do data migration for you so you can easily jump into using our specification and mood board software.

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Keep Products and Associated Documents in One Place

Build your firm's product library every time you specify an item. Your team can easily access historical data, including all documents associated with a product, and all the projects it was used in previously.

Fohlio Features | Centralized Construction Product Library

More Features

  • 4x faster specification
  • Respecify materials without duplicating work
  • Collaborate with contractors, designers, and more
  • Generate presentations and job site packets
  • Procure materials efficiently
  • Manage and organize materials easily
  • Automate cost estimation
  • Centralized product library
  • Integrations
  • 24/7 customer support
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