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Case Study


Travis Reese is the Procurement Manager for Goebel Design Group. His day-to-day responsibilities involve wrangling pricing so he can stay within the set budgets. 

Before Fohlio, Travis’s days were spent on repetitive entries. He would cycle through emails, meeting notes, and multiple spreadsheets in order to keep track of deadlines. And every time a PO was generated, formulas had to be created all over again.

Since adopting Fohlio, with its PO system that has an entire database of products attached, Travis’s workflow has become much more efficient: Multiple spreadsheets have been replaced with one central database, and formulas are now automatically generated.

Centralize Your Workflows

Budget, specify, and procure in one place.
Fohlio eliminates manual work,
double entries, and switching between platforms.

Save Time and Money on Procurement

  • Quick-start projects with custom budget templates.
  • Create POs, invoices, and more from specs -- in seconds.
  • Minimize losses resulting from errors and input duplications.
  • Eliminate time-consuming emails with up-to-date pricing and lead times.
  • Quickly swap materials with a well-organized, searchable library.
Save Time

Make Smarter Purchasing Decisions, Faster

  • Automatically calculate costs as items are specified.
  • Get a centralized, live bird's-eye view of financials across projects.
  • Automate RFQs and compare vendors offers side by side.
  • Find the best quotes and lead times quickly and easily.
  • Curate preferred vendors and suppliers in a cloud database.
Make Smarter

Identify Financial and Timing Risks

  • Monitor overruns before purchasing begins.
  • Track spent and available budget in real time.
  • Monitor long lead times and avoid penalties for jobs delayed.
  • Minimize change orders with material data visibility.
  • Customize approval threshold and workflow.
Identify Financial

Generate Financial Analytics
Essential to Executives and Clients

  • Identify saving opportunities with the cost analysis function.
  • Include essential data points with a few clicks.
  • Quickly create "snapshot" reports from live, up-to-date information.
Generate Financial

Scale Up Faster

  • Take on more and bigger projects with minimal headcount cost.
  • Prove cost savings and win more clients.
Scale Up Faster

Specification, Procurement, and Data Management Software

Manage budget, specification, purchasing, inventory, and product data management from end to end.