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Get Better Insight and Oversight

Make data-driven decisions and stay on top of budgets with Fohlio's ff&e specification and procurement software + materials database.

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Turn Firmwide Insight Into FF&E Procurement Strategy
  • Identify trends, inefficiencies, and cost saving opportunities.

  • Track product performance over time and across projects for smarter specification in the future.

  • Quickly identify the best suppliers for specific needs.

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Mitigate Delays
  • See lead times before specifying, to make sure items arrive on time.

  • Easily track order status so you know as early as possible whether deliveries are going to be late.

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Stay on Top of FF&E and OS&E Budgets
  • Get granular detail into how project budget is spent.

  • See breakdowns of rooms, areas, product categories, and any other cost dimensions.

  • Break down item costs into components.

  • Require approval for costs over a certain threshold.

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Expedite Project Delivery
  • Automatically approve purchases under a certain amount threshold.

  • Keep everyone updated and on the same page in real time.

  • Eliminate reliance on email chains and static PDFs.

  • Estimate cost and timelines accurately and quickly so you can plan ahead.

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Avoid Errors and Do-Overs
  • Standardize FF&E products to ensure brand adherence and cost control.

  • Prevent unauthorized product switch-outs.

  • See exactly what and how much is available so you know how much to order. Prevent over or under ordering.

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See These Fohlio Features in Action

Fohlio's features help you manage the budgeting, specifying, purchasing, inventory, and product data management process from end to end.

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