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Increase Your Purchasing Power

Find cost-saving opportunities with Fohlio's FF&E procurement software. Make it easy to negotiate bigger discounts.

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Get Visibility Across Projects to Enable Bulk Ordering
  • Group orders across locations.

  • Group opening dates.

  • Group item components.

  • Standardize products across projects.

  • See what's available in inventory.

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Leverage Data

See how many times an item has been specified and leverage this data to get better discounts and terms.

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Demonstrate Value

Compare savings when you order in bulk vs. piecemeal.

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Identify Additional Savings Opportunities
  • Track and evaluate FF&E and OS&E performance for future specifications.

  • Standardize pre-approved items for specification to make it easier to order in bulk.

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See These Fohlio Features in Action

Fohlio's features help you manage the budgeting, specifying, purchasing, inventory, and product data management process from end to end.

5 Ways to Manage FF&E Specification and Procurement Costs

See how to leverage product usage volume to negotiate better deals with suppliers.

Features to Help You Track Status and Revisions in Purchase Orders

See how to track inventory so you can always put in orders in a timely manner.

How to Reduce PO Errors, Create POs From Specs, and More

See how purchase orders can be created from specs - no more manual re-entries.