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Lower Operational Costs

Reduce expensive mistakes and delays. Enable collaboration and efficient outsourcing with Fohlio's FF&E specification and procurement software + materials database.

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Communicate and Collaborate Better
  • Keep all your stakeholders in one place.

  • Eliminate data loss caused by email chains and static PDFs.

  • Identify trends that allow teams to work better together.

  • Make it easier to work with outsource teams.

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Easily Keep Everyone Up to Date
  • Establish a centralized, singular source of truth.

  • Publish new specs once – and be confident that everyone got the memo.

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Avoid Errors, Do-Overs, and Delays
  • Specify correct items the first time.

  • Prevent unauthorized product switch-outs.

  • See exactly what and how much is available so you know how much to order. Prevent over or under ordering.

  • Standardize preferred suppliers across purchasing teams.

  • Easily track order status so you know as early as possible whether deliveries are going to be late, so you can reschedule teams and equipment without loss of money.

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Streamline FF&E Specification Workflows
  • Standardize FF&E products to ensure brand adherence and cost control – without having to manually cross check.

  • Sync specification and Revit rendering.

  • Spend fewer work hours manually creating spec books.

  • Create specs straight from PDFs.

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Streamline FF&E Procurement Workflows
  • Automate quote comparison.

  • Make it easy for suppliers to provide up-to-date pricing and lead times.

  • Standardize purchasing workflows to identify bulk ordering opportunities.

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