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One Source of Truth

Keep information accurate and updated across teams. Make it easy to learn and adopt best practices.

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Create a Centralized, Cloud-Based Materials Library
  • Keep all your FF&E and OS&E products in one centralized database.

  • Find any item quickly and easily.

  • Remove dependencies on local servers and physical libraries.

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Keep FF&E and OS&E Information Accurate Across Teams and Projects
  • Establish one central database as the universal reference for stakeholders.

  • Communicate updates without having to rely on unwieldy email chains and static PDFs.

  • Be confident that changes and new information are not falling through the cracks.

  • Make it easy to maintain data integrity when accepting information from multiple sources.

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Create More Value From Cataloging FF&E and OS&E Products
  • Build catalogs of pre-approved items to streamline FF&E specification.

  • Set up standard templates for different project types, so specifiers don’t have to start from scratch.

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Turn Burdensome Data Into Assets
  • Track materials and supplier performance across projects over time.

  • Identify trends across projects to find opportunities for improvement and savings.

  • Reuse data from past projects so your team doesn’t have to start from scratch.

  • Learn and adopt best practices more easily.

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