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Open Locations Faster

Reduce manual, repetitive work and earn revenue sooner with Fohlio's FF&E specification and procurement software + materials database.

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Make it Easier to Lower Purchasing Costs
  • Automate supplier quote comparison.

  • Streamline value-engineering.

  • Group opening dates to enable bulk ordering.

  • Automatically track actual cost against planned budget.

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Eliminate Common Workflow Bottlenecks and Causes of Delay
  • Efficient approvals ensure you avoid do-overs, change orders, and mistakes.

  • Automate approvals under cost thresholds.

  • Get up-to-date pricing and lead time without manual checks.

  • Stay on top of order tracking. Identify delays.

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Use Templates to Eliminate Repetitive and Manual FF&E Specification
  • Create standard packages instead of specifying items one by one.

  • Build component templates: Create standard and custom pieces faster.

  • Specify pre-approved/standard items faster. Reuse items specified in the past instead of starting from scratch.

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Streamline Project Documentation
  • Native Revit integration allows you to map items into rooms with ease.

  • Create specbooks complete with necessary data in minutes.

  • Create specbooks automatically from PDFs.

  • Automatically pull supplier information into specbooks.

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Speed Up FF&E Selection With Better Visibility Into Product Information
  • Find suppliers that match your requirements in seconds.

  • Quickly identify products that meet project deadlines.

  • See what’s on hand (and what’s not) so you can order on time.

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Fohlio's features help you manage the budgeting, specifying, purchasing, inventory, and product data management process from end to end.

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