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Standardize Franchise Specification and Procurement

Manage design standards, approvals, and purchasing in one place.

Fohlio is the best product data management software to enforce brand standards in projects with 10 or more locations.

Built for Repeatable Projects and Cross-Functional Teams

Build a Standard Catalog for More Efficient Specification

  • Build approved vendor lists.
  • Reduce time spent re-entering standard product data.
  • Make product selection easier for franchisees with pre-approved items.
  • Easily tag products as discontinued.
  • Get real time visibility into product performance across all projects.

Enforce Global Design Standards For All Projects

  • Set up room templates.
  • Manage, publish, and share multiple brand standards.
  • Create brand-approved product lists.
  • Ensure consistent brand experiences between locations.

Streamline Specification and Procurement Workflows

  • Enforce best practices via standard workflows.
  • Submit and approve selections in one place.
  • Automatically require or provide approval based on PO amount thresholds.
  • Enhance collaboration between key people to save time.

Automate RFQ and Identify Savings Opportunities

  • Enable efficient value-engineering with vendors.
  • Negotiate better discounts with volume data.
  • Reduce timelines with pre-approved products.

Design and Build Smarter Over Time

  • Track product performance for future specification.
  • Compare purchasing performance between locations.

Lower Maintenance and OS&E Costs

  • Replace or repair equipment faster with easily available product data.
  • Simplify reordering supplies.

Simplify Reporting

  • Easily build catalogs with library data.
  • Send the right data to the right stakeholders.
  • Create dedicated report templates.
  • Securely store and easily retrieve franchise standards for future projects.
  • Provide detailed reports for general contractors and subcontractors.

Collaborate Better

  • Create better relationships with franchisees.