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Fohlio 2.0: New Features to Take on Larger Projects With Ease

Get excited: Your favorite spec writing software just got better.

It’s finally here! We’ve just released Fohlio 2.0 — and it’s faster and more powerful than ever before.

With the new platform, working on larger projects is much more efficient and takes less time.

1. Customizable Templates

Here’s the thing with data: It’s always better to have more. But at the same time, the more data you have, the harder it is to manage.

That’s why we created customizable templates for different workflows. With this feature, you only have to look at the data you need during the time that you need it.

In other words, there’s less clutter, so focusing on the task at hand is much easier.

Now, you can manage your project

  • End-to-end
  • On one platform
  • With everyone on the team
This Spec Writing Software Just Got Better at Handling Larger Projects | Fohlio

With one click, teams can switch between different templates depending on which phase of the project they’re working on.

2. Multiple Selection Column Type

The multiple selection column type massively reduces manual repetition and errors by allowing you to create standard inputs.

Do all your products require documents such as shop drawings, finish samples, and flame certificates? Are there standard general instructions that need to be included each time? How about a selection of style options to choose from? 

The multiple selection column type can act as your checklist.

Spec Writing Software | Fohlio | Multiple Selection Column Type

3. Advanced Search Filters 

You know exactly which materials you want for a project. But knowing and finding are two very different things.

Advanced search filters help you to quickly zoom in on your preferred products. Think of it like finding a needle in a haystack: Specific filters allow you to narrow down your haystack, and then narrow then down some more.

If you haven’t gotten migrated to the new Fohlio yet (and are therefore unable to test-drive our new goodies), please be patient. We will get to you!

Check out our tutorials on getting to know your new dashboard and configuring your template. You can also book a one-on-one session here if you would like in-depth and personalized training. And as always, get in touch with us on live chat whenever you need help.

You’re going to love Fohlio 2.0.

Happy creating!

Fohlio is more than a spec writing software. Find out how you can specify faster, deliver projects on time, and win more projects. Schedule a demo here.

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