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How will Trump's presidency affect the construction and real estate industry?

Next year will be the first time in the American history, when a person so much experienced with the construction and real estate business, will occupy the chair in the Oval Office. How will it affect these industries? Let’s find out what the Trump presidency might have for construction and housing business.

1. A rise in Infrastructure

Infrastructure development was one of the key parts of Trump’s acceptance speech. He promised to put focus on building new roads, tunnels, airports as well as schools and hospitals.

It’s not evident currently whether Trump’s initiatives will be funded from the private or public sector, but according to rough estimates, it is planned to invest $500B – $1 trillion in these areas starting from the 3rd quarter of 2017. One can expect significant rise in economic activity here during Trump’s presidency.

2 prix du viagra 25 mg. Environmental regulations loosened

Another flagship of Donald Trump’s campaign was the easing of environmental based restrictions. At the moment it’s still unclear what exactly Trump will bring around.

Experts say that one can expect reduction of environmental regulations, which would affect the construction industry as well, since it means the rise of coal mining and oil drilling on a simplified basis as well as easier development of transportation and energy sectors.

3. Tax cuts for construction investments

Tax cut for construction was on the forefront of Trump’s speeches. According to his message, today the amount of people that can afford buying a house today has reduced to the level of 1965. The way he sees rising homeownership rates as one of his top priorities. Besides, Trump mentioned that the housing sector is one of the most overregulated at the moment.

Improvements in this area can become a good move to create a powerful economic engine. So during Trump’s presidency one can expect construction tax reductions on state and local levels as well as some loosened regulations.

4. Labor force strained

And finally one more hot topic of Trump’s campaign was the potential toughening of immigration policy. Innovations in this area might bring around labor force issues and block growth for a number of estate companies. Though at the moment it is not clear what initiatives will take place, one can expect some problems will arise within the resource sector.


As you see, Trump’s presidency might bring both ups and downs for construction and real estate industry. Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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