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Get Actionable Insight Across All Your Projects

Keep data transparent and readily available with Fohlio.

Fohlio is the best product data management software to enforce brand standards in projects with 10 or more locations.

Built for Repeatable Projects and Cross-Functional Teams

Standardize Workflows for Easier Project Tracking

  • Keep your specification, procurement, and other teams on one platform.
  • Switch between projects in seconds.
  • Reduce dependency on emails and spreadsheets.
  • Minimize disconnects and duplicate work.
Multiple Dashboard View

Manage Approvals With Ease

  • Approve designs, selections, budgets, purchase orders, etc. in one place.
  • Make PO approvals more efficient.
  • Safeguard large spends.
  • Set up PO approval thresholds.

Build Your Custom Catalog of Proven Materials and Suppliers

  • Keep preferred materials and suppliers front and center.
  • Track materials and equipment performance for future specification.
  • Compare purchasing performance between locations.

Lower Procurement Cost

  • Build new projects faster with preselected materials.
  • Recreate standard rooms between locations.
  • Negotiate bigger discounts using volume data.
  • Budget accurately using historical data.
  • Compare purchasing performance between locations to set best practices.
Cost Analysis Breakdown

Reduce Delays and Labor Costs

  • Cut down on hours spent on specification and other workflows.
  • Keep track of order lead times to avoid delays.
  • Minimize errors that result in hours of do-over work.
  • Standardize workflows across teams.
Track materials and equipment performance for future specification. (2)