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Raise the Standards for Student Wellness

Specify and procure with students’ well-being in mind. Fohlio takes care of the rest.

Fohlio is the best product data management software to enforce brand standards in projects with 10 or more locations.

Built for Repeatable Projects and Cross-Functional Teams

Build a Custom Catalog of Proven Materials

  • Filter products for fire safety, sturdiness, soundproofing, and more.
  • Assign specific materials to common areas, bedrooms, or student centers.

Enforce Design Standards Anywhere

  • Ensure the same quality of materials between campuses.
  • Integrate brand guidelines into student living.
  • Allow design localization for different campuses.

Lower New Housing Construction Costs

  • Build new housing faster with preselected materials.
  • Recreate standard rooms between campuses.
  • Negotiate bigger discounts with volume data.
  • Budget accurately to prevent delays.
  • Compare purchasing performance between campuses to set best practices.

Encourage Continuous Quality Control

  • Track materials’ performance over time for future specification.
  • Share performance data with vendors for relationship/pricing management.

Collaborate Better

  • Get early buy-in from facility managers.
  • Enable efficient value-engineering with vendors.
  • Manage approvals in one place.

Lower Maintenance and OS&E Costs

  • Shorten maintenance response times.
  • Keep warranty information at your fingertips.
  • Simplify reordering supplies and other stocks.