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New: More Control and Flexibility Over External Collaborations

You now have more control than ever over who can access which parts of your Fohlio projects. 

With our new and improved external Sharing function for columns, you can:

1, Share as much or as little as you want when inviting approved suppliers to contribute to your product library. 


2, Show clients only as much information as necessary when inviting them to approve product selections so they don’t get overwhelmed.


3, Assign much more well-defined roles that are better suited to their functions, instead of just “collaborator” or “client.” 


4, Individually define access to each column for each role.​​


5, Have subcontractors update installation notes and status with cleaner and more easy-to-use dashboards.​​


Tutorials are available in your Fohlio dashboard, and you can also get in touch with us using the live chat button if you need help.

Happy creating!

Fohlio allows you to manage your entire team and all your workflows in one place. With Fohlio, you can specifyprocure, and more on one platform: Collaborations are easy and workflows are much more efficient than ever before! Get your free trial today — so you can design and build more profitable projects.

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