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Custom workflows lets you standardize linear and non-linear multi-team workflows inside of Fohlio.

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We’ve helped hundreds of companies complete 80,000 projects and growing.

Standardize internal processes
Enhance team collaboration
Increase accountability
Centralize information sharing
Boost accountability
Optimize handovers for efficiency

Build custom workflows
with Fohlio and achieve

decrease in duplicate work
increase in approval time
hours saved per week on specifying

How custom workflows is used to enhance collaboration

Complete projects faster, lower costs, and increase their profitability. Use Fohlio to manage projects from end to end.

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Set Up: Centralize all FF&E, OS&E, and finishes product information within a dashboard.
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Organize: Establish separate tabs for individual teams, providing essential information tailored to their roles.
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Manage: Adjust the sharing settings for information between teams to enhance their efficiency.
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Cooperate: Enable your teams to work within a unified platform.
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More features that enhance’s the procurement

Custom dashboard views
Role access
Collaboration notes
Approval tracking
Revision tracking

Fohlio has helped thousands of users improve their procurement strategy

“We have been working with Fohlio to organize our projects and clients for just over a month. All of the staff are very helpful and responsive. The program is very versatile, and a major time saver when adding items to projects. We are really looking forward to organizing new projects and communicating with Suppliers and Clients through this program.”

Jessica Unikewicz
Operations, Jody Fierz Interior Design