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products / COMPREHENSIVE Spec builder

Specify Once- Iterate Forever

Whether its design, lifecycle, or procurement FF&E, OS&E, and finishes specification, the spec builder lets you document all your product details accurately.

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We’ve helped hundreds of companies complete 80,000 projects and growing.

Reduce manual errors
No more duplicate efforts
Prototype various project types
Create custom products
Repeat projects with templates
Track every aspect of the product

Specify with Fohlio
and achieve

decrease in
duplicate work
approval wait
hours saved per
week on specifying

How the spec builder is used to prototype future projects

Complete projects faster, lower costs, and increase their profitability. Use Fohlio to manage projects from end to end.

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Capture: Using the web clipper tool, get a snapshot product spec details.
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Customize: Combine components together to create custom product specs.
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Enrich: Add all the design, procurement, and other information you need.
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Templatize: Group specifications together as a prototype for future projects

More features that enhance the product and materials library

Web clipper tool
Parent-child components
Mood board
Unlimited file uploads
Highlighting feature
Collaboration notes
Approval tracking
Custom report generation
Bulk editing
Area planner
Group by and filtering
Project UID

The product library has helped thousands of users streamline their process

Fohlio fits all my needs as a designer/specifier and allows me to control the format and organization of my project information, and how I share it all with my client or contractor - which may look differently.  Fohlio is very robust - there are actually lots of features I don't use, but what I love about it is that it's not offering to write fluffy looking contracts or schedule my client meetings, or design from my tiny iphone while sitting on my sofa.  For me, Fohlio is for specifying and organizing my project information - and that's what I want it to do.”

Lacy Keller
Founder, Lacy Keller Interiors llc