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Fohlio just released a ton of powerful new features, just in time to beat your holiday project deadlines!

Search for items by project

Remember a product from a particular project? But don’t have enough details to narrow down which item it might be in your library?


You can now search by project and make re-specifying the right item easy.

Check out product details straight from the library

View product details before you add them into your project …


***This feature you just have to see with a video.***

… so you’re sure they’re exactly what you’re looking for.

Assign users to projects

Loop your team into the right project at the right time: Projects now can be assigned to specific users.


So everyone’s dashboard isn’t crowded with everyone else’s work.

New fonts! ALL CAPS! Font colors!

All caps just look cooler and neater. Want your entire spec sheet in all caps? We’ve got you.


Tired of the same old Fohlio font? You can now use new ones (and change the font color too while you’re at it).


All these and more are available on our new Fohlio packages. Check them out here.

Design and build better with Fohlio. Sign up for your free trial, or schedule a free demo.

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