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Lock Items, Add Instructions and More Improvements!



Our latest update is aimed at optimizing your user experience. In this release, we are introducing a feature that empowers users to maintain data integrity with ease: the ability to lock items in the table from editing, and adding instructions for your items. Additionally, we've implemented updates to the components logic, refining their functionality for improved experience and flexibility. These enhancements mark significant strides in streamlining workflows and ensuring greater control over your data management processes. Let's dive deeper into the details of these exciting additions.

Locking Items

Now you have the ability to lock and unlock items directly from Project Sheets. Locking an item restricts editing product-related fields only, preserving data accuracy while allowing flexibility in other aspects of the project.

Components Updates

Did you mess up adding components? No biggie! You can easily disconnect a component from its parent product, turning it into its own thing in your project. And the cool part? It'll remember the area and quantities with just a couple of clicks. Super simple!

Here's a pro tip for you: Want to copy area info from one item to another? Add the new item as a component, then unlink it from the parent. Easy hack!

Updated History Log

Maintain a clear history of actions for better record-keeping. Every time an item is moved to the trash, the action will be recorded on the History Log with a timestamp and the username of who performed the action. 

Category Instructions

Introducing the new "Instructions" feature, designed to ease the process of adding instructions per category and improve the clarity of the items included for your Procurement processes.

Assign Instructions per Category

  • You can now assign item Instructions to individual categories. This ensures that any specific instructions, guidelines, or notes related to a particular category are clearly shown.
  • Instructions are automatically applied to new items added per that category

Add Instructions to Purchase Order Reports

  • When creating purchase orders, you can now generate an Advanced datasheet or a single product presentation of the items in the PO to be automatically attached to the PO.
    • The PDF export of a Purchase Order will include the generated report of items to include the instructions with the Purchase Order

How to Use Instructions per Category:

The feature works on any multiple select columns type. We recommend creating a new column if you are already using one for instructions

  1. Select the column you would like to use for Instructions, and navigate to the Column Editing page.
  2. Toggle “Per category” option to enable instruction per each category
  3. Select the category you need, and add the instructions as normal
  4. Save the changes to apply the instructions to the categories.
  5. Make sure to add the selected column for instructions to be shown in reports for Advanced data sheet and single product presentation

Instructions will now be applied to new items added to its category.

Including Instructions in Purchase Orders:

  1. When creating a new purchase order, after saving the PO as a draft, you can generate item reports that include the instructions from the menu
  2. Make sure the column used for categories is selected in the template
  3. The report with instructions will be automatically attached to the purchase order and on the PDF export.

Exciting times ahead! Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements. 🚀 

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Published Jun 5, 2024