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Quick Tip: Managing Electronic Sign-Offs in Fohlio


At Fohlio, we’re all about keeping everyone on the same page, and everything in the same location. Today, we’re taking that a step further with electronic sign-offs.

Managing Electronic Sign-Offs

There was a time when drafting contracts, printing them out, mailing them, having them signed, and mailing them back, was the norm. It was a process that could easily take several days, and even several weeks if there were errors and the entire process had to be redone.

The project is stalled, time is wasted, and money isn’t being made.

Today, we have electronic signatures. All you have to do is write up your contract, send them as an email attachment, and receive them back in your email after being signed. It takes more or less 10 minutes, if that.

Contract Sign-Offs

Keep your contract agreements right in your Fohlio dashboard for easy reference. First, you’ll want to create a separate folder just for documents.

Managing Electronic Sign-Offs in Fohlio - Documents Folder

Next, create a schedule dedicated to documents, as well.

Managing Electronic Sign-Offs in Fohlio

After that, simply add a new line item by clicking “New Item” or “Quick Entry.” Type in the name of your document in Product Name …

Managing Electronic Sign-Offs in Fohlio - New Item

Then manually upload documents from your desktop by clicking the up arrow under “Docs.”

Managing Electronic Sign-Offs in Fohlio - Upload Doc

Product Sign-Offs

Maybe you want individual checks for each selection before they’re purchased and installed. First, designate the parties who will be doing the checks.

Next, create a document-type column for each individual, plus a document-type column for tear sheets.

Managing Electronic Sign-Offs in Fohlio - Columns

Fill in the tear sheets column by generating individual spec sheets for each product, then uploading them.

Finally, let the checkers know that the tear sheets are ready for inspection. They can download the documents individually, affix their signatures, and then upload them to their own columns and corresponding rows.

All you (or your project manager) have to do then is click on each item and check for the individual sign-offs.

Going all-digital in the AEC industry can be intimidating for some, but that’s OK: Fohlio is here to help. Get in touch with us to schedule a free screenshare tutorial — we’d be happy to find custom solutions for your business.

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Published Sep 17, 2018