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New: Export Revit Data to Fohlio for Better Budgeting and Specs


Manage FF&E specification, procurement, and product data at scale. Take on bigger projects with confidence and grow your firm with  FohlioSchedule a demo or book a consultation with one of our account managers to explore these features today.

Transitioning from Revit model creation to specification and beyond is more powerful and efficient than ever.

With Fohlio‘s updated Revit add-in, you can now export Revit Family into Fohlio dashboard for budgeting, specs, procurements and more. This is how it is done step by step:

1. Map Revit locations with Fohlio area plans.

When you move an object from one area to another in Revit, changes reflect in Fohlio. All it takes is a quick sync.

Fohlio Revit add-in | Revit specs | FF&E specification software | area mapping

2. Connect Revit Family with Fohlio Categories. 
​​Fohlio Revit add-in | Revit specs | FF&E specification software | Revit family mapping

3. Map Revit parameters to Fohlio.

Fohlio Revit add-in | Revit specs | FF&E specification software | mapping Revit parameters

Then Revit family and its count will be sent to Fohlio so you can specify with your curated library, manage budgets, create purchase orders, and more. Export your Revit objects to Fohlio as products. 

Add as much data as you want into your library, quickly and simply. Keep all your product data in Fohlio — and keep your Revit models light.

Unique identifiers and Revit Family name link Revit objects to Fohlio products. 

Fohlio Revit add-in | Revit specs | FF&E specification software | unique Revit object identifiers

4. Add schedules into Revit in seconds.

Export PDF schedules from Fohlio to Revit without having to create objects. Revit knows when you create reports and it only takes seconds to add them.

Get in touch with a product specialist today to explore these features.

Join our Revit webinar on May 13, 2021 at 1 PM EST and learn how to manage your model data to manage specifications and budgeting better.

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Published May 3, 2021