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Save Days of Work With 4x More Efficient Specification

Faster specification is just the beginning. Now, you also get the ability to sort and present your data any way you want.

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Save Time on Project Setup with Templates

- Create templates for every type of project for a quick and easy setup every time.
- Have flexibility to make changes if necessary.
- It saves time and can accommodate any size and complexity.

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Specify Faster

- Fohlio’s web clipper works on any product website.
- Instantly grab any data: text, images, or documents.
- No more copying and pasting on spreadsheets!

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Save Time with Re-specification

- Every product you’ve ever specified is saved to your firm’s materials database.
- Re-specifying the products you trust is easy.
- No more manually hunting them down and typing in details over and over.

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Professional-Looking Presentations in Minutes

- Choose among pre-set templates to generate reports and presentations with just a few clicks.
- Want more flexibility? There are several other options that allow you to set up report templates exactly the way you want them.

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Categorize Products

- Establish design guidelines.
- Share best practices.
- Save time on re-specification with your firm's very own digital materials library.

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Advanced Product Search

- Quickly find the perfect product for your project.
- Search using any category, including product name, past projects they were used in, color, dimensions, and more.

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Better Deals and Discounts from Suppliers

- Calculate product volume and leverage past and future purchases for better deal agreements.
- Visibility across all your projects also allows you to order in bulk, so you can get even bigger discounts.

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Swap Out Items value Engineering

- See performance requirements at a glance.
- Easily replace more expensive products with ones that are better value for money, while also performing as needed.

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More Customized Reports

- Convert text to all caps.
- Customize font type and color.
- Request a template setup according to your exact requirements.
- Create templates in Single Product PDF that you can share with team members.

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Powerful Specification, Budgeting, and Procurement for Revit

- Use Fohlio to manage specs in Revit more precisely.
- Mirror object counts in your model.
- Add schedules into Revit in seconds.

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