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Automate and Centralize Procurement

Manage your procurement process in one place - from quote to delivery.

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Send Purchase Orders and Invoices

- Group products according to different criteria: approved brand guidelines, sustainability scores, budgets, and more.
- Create catalogs designers and clients can choose from with just a few clicks.

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Avoid Project Stalls and Double Orders

- Track inventory in real time.
- Set a minimum stock amount so you can place orders on time.
- Stay on top of materials that are already on the way so you don’t accidentally order more than you need.

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Request and Compare Bids

- Send RFQs to different vendors. 
- Compare bids side by side to get the best price — all within your dashboard.
- No need to switch to email or copy and paste bids to a spreadsheet.

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Gain Discounts Through Firm-Wide Product Usage

- Calculate product volume and leverage past and future purchases for better deal agreements.
- Visibility across all your projects also allows you to order in bulk, so you can get even bigger discounts.

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Predict Future Cash Flow Needs

- Easily plan around materials you’ll need across projects, within a certain timeframe.
- Calculate budgets with better accuracy and get approval on time.

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