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Keep Your Whole Team on the Same Page

Manage all your workflows, end to end, using the same set of data.

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Manage Submittals In One Place

- Create your own formulas or use Fohlio’s presets.
- Always see client price, markup, discounts, totals, and more at a glance.

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Centralize Your Workflows

- Forget racking your head to remember where a certain building’s HVAC was purchased from, or trying to find warranty-related documents.
- Having information at your fingertips is crucial to making sure your property’s value doesn’t depreciate.

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Share Securely

- Keep track of FF&E depreciation so you’ll know when to replace them and have budget on hand when it’s time.
- Or, be ready to provide funds for tenant improvement in order to ensure a good experience on your property.

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Quick Communicate Changes

- Keep a catalog of pre-approved materials and products that you can easily hand over to designers.
- Everyone saves time, and your property stays true to your brand.

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Manage RFQS and Bids

- Easily plan around materials you’ll need across projects, within a certain timeframe.
- Calculate budgets with better accuracy and get approval on time.

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See These Fohlio Features in Action

Fohlio's features help you manage the budgeting, specifying, purchasing, inventory, and product data management process from end to end.

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