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Create Firm-Wide Standards and Visibility

Establish design guidelines, share best practices, and save time on re-specification with your firm's very own digital materials library.

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Build Institutional Knowledge

- Sharing and building on collective expertise across your firm is easier when all your data is standardized.
- You will no longer have to rely on just one or two designers to retain all the institutional knowledge.

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Categorize Products

- Group products according to different criteria: approved brand guidelines, sustainability scores, budgets, and more.
- Create catalogs designers and clients can choose from with just a few clicks.

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Nurture Vendor Relationships

- Calculate product volume and leverage past and future purchases for better deal agreements.
- Visibility across all your projects also allows you to order in bulk, so you can get even bigger discounts.

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Manage Approval Processes in One Place

- Have managers approve product entries as ready to use in projects.
- Allow clients to approve product selections.
- Have architects approve value engineered product swaps.
- Do this all in one place, using the same data.

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Keep Up with Product Across Your Firm

- Finding out a product is discontinued can take days — after you’ve already sent out a purchase order and the vendor informs you it’s unavailable. Avoid wasting time and simply mark products as discontinued or outdated, if necessary.
- Keep track of new versions of a product.

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Accurately Predict Costs, Timelines, and More

- Look back on past projects’s data to predict how much the materials for a new project will cost, or how long it will take.

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