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Curate Materials and Standardize Workflows

Manage materials, organize, update, and more in Fohlio.

Fohlio is the best product data management software to enforce brand standards in projects with 10 or more locations.

Built for Repeatable Projects and Cross-Functional Teams

Organize Materials According to Any Attribute

  • Label products with as many attributes as you need or want.
  • Sort or filter items by multiple attributes.
  • Create custom search criteria.
  • Set up standard workflows to efficiently organize products.
  • Standardize product attributes.
Materials Librarian

Digitize Materials Libraries

  • Catalog bulky physical samples in a custom library.
  • Keep materials library up to date more easily.
  • Track sample orders.
  • Match physical samples to digital library.

Build Custom Catalogs of Proven Materials and Vendors

  • Keep preferred materials and suppliers front and center.
  • Track product performance for future specification.
  • Keep track of maximum credit and minimum orders for each vendor.
All product view

Enforce Design Standards

  • Manage, publish, and share multiple brand standards.
  • Create brand-approved product lists.
  • Build material catalogs for different projects.
  • Set up room templates.
  • Ensure consistent brand experiences between locations.
Spec writing

Highlight Innovative and Sustainable Products

  • Recommend sustainable overlooked materials that can fulfill a project’s needs.
  • Source and recommend new, innovative alternatives.
Brand approved x Sustainability

Keep Materials Updated

  • Mark products as discontinued.
  • Update pricing and any other changes.
  • Track performance and best practices across projects.
Product Stock