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Creating Mood Boards Just Got Easier With This Searchable Library


Fohlio now gives your firm a completely searchable library of every item your firm has ever used. That means, if you want to create mood boards — or even add products to a project — your task just got much easier.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you’re in a project and you want to add items you have used in the past. Just click “Add from library” on the dashboard.

Fohlio will bring up every product of the same schedule in your and your team members’ library. Simply search by images! Or use the search bar to filter the item (or items) you’re looking for.

Presto! (A big thanks to Yossig Inc for giving us this great feature suggestion!)

Besides that, our latest mood board upgrade is to die for (But—like—stay alive. We love you.)

Now, in Fohlio you can take any of your products and build collage-style mood boards. Set the background to match the space you’re designing in. Then, just drag and drop.

Skip having to export your images to create mood boards. Or digging through folders on your desktop. Now, you can spend more time bringing your ideas to life, and making sure your presentations wow their socks off every time.

Now, “mood boards” may have gotten you thinking about your Pinterest boards. And while we all love them — who hasn’t fallen down that rabbit hole, only to emerge four hours later? — they’re just not a complete solution for your design needs.

No worries, though: You can now import your Pinterest boards to Fohlio! Learn more about it here.

Feature image from Elisabetta Rizzato.

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Published Jul 3, 2017