FF&E Specification in Excel is Killing Design Build Firms

These days, new companies come to dominate their fields faster than ever because they grab new technology and run with it. You can start to see it happening with design build firms. The process of FF&E specification, in particular, is woefully outdated.

Remember when nobody thought Blackberries were going away? Well, iPhones jumped on the touch screen and the rest was history.

And if you think these trends don’t apply to your industry, you’re wrong.

So, if you’re an architect, interior designer, remodeler, developer, or work at design build firms, who in your space is finding the technology that will give them the edge? Is it you?

At Fohlio, we’re seeing the specification process become more and more automated each day. Libraries and catalogues that used to be physical are becoming digitized, manufacturers are focusing on online sales, and major firms are investing heavily in their own internal software solutions so that they can stay lean and keep competition out of their space.

And maybe even enter your space.

In a customer-centric industry, having the right tools means everything. Are you still using hand drawings, or is Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Rhino, SketchUp, and the rest a must? So, why should your specification process be any different?

The truth is that falling behind in a customer-centered world can escalate fast.

While you’re stuck using Excel or some thrown-together spreadsheet for FF&E specification, your competitors are building systems that capture and manage the information they need. These lines of communication are making it easier to translate design ideas to contractors, and clients. And it’s making relationships with vendors and collaborators more seamless than ever.

FF&E Specification in Excel is Killing Design Build Firms | Fohlio
With Fohlio, you’ll spend less time doing FF&E specification and more time perfecting your design.

If your team is still wrestling with miscommunications internally and externally, you’re falling behind the competition. Your old school methods might feel familiar, but they’re holding you back. You might be in the land of Blackberries while everyone is sporting an iPhone.

At Fohlio, we make it our job to know what the best teams in the interior design, architecture, design build, remodeling and development space are doing.

And that comes down to:

  • Building presentation files and collateral in seconds
  • Giving you the most seamless product information collecting experience in the industry
  • Creating a central place to communicate all of your project details

The best designers see themselves as leaders, so we wanted to create a tool that would empower them and free them to focus on their high-level vision.  

Because we know when you can share your vision without being tied up in little things, you can bring everyone together, and truly build something impressive.

Learn more about how it works here, or schedule a free demo.

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