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Fohlio Web Clipper Tutorial

Eliminate Copy & Paste
Collects everything you need with a few simple clicks
and Privacy Protected
Download Fohlio Web Clipper FOR FREE Fohlio Plugin works with Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox and Safari browsers * * We are currently working on other browsers support



Getting Started



Click on the F+ icon at the upper right hand corner of your browser toolbar. Select the project, schedule and folders (optional)  you would like to add the product in.


Simply Click on the relevant field Title in the Clipper.

Then, Click the text you wish to grab (a blue outline will indicate the targeted content). Voila!

There are two ways to collect images:

  1. Click on the  title in the Clipper. Then, Click on the image in the webpage.
  2. Select the in the Clipper to take a screenshot of the desired image or webpage

Click on the  title in the clipper. Then, Click on a document link from your webpage.

Once you Submit, your clipped data will be added automatically to your Fohlio Dashboard

Go ahead and give it a try yourself!


Click on the right side of a field title (i.e Manufacturer) in the clipper to start manual input

Click on any added text to start the edit. Click on the X icon to save your input

When I start a new project, I like to create a generic list of must-haves and wants. I might not know what tiling I want, but I want a reminder that I need to find a few tiling options for my client.

Once you find the product you want on a vendor site, click on the F+ icon on a row you want to update in the Dashboard. Activate the Fohlio web clipper on any web site, and add or update any information.  The selected row will be updated live on Fohlio. It also works for any row with product information already added from a site.

Minimize or Maximize the clipper, or switch it Left/Right as you collect information on a webpage.

Collected information will always be retained.

Toggle on Retain Fields and common fields will remain in the clipper after Submit.

This is helpful when adding multiple products with similarly shared information.

Configure any collection field and order using the “Configure Template” page at Fohlio.com

Fohio curated over 300,000 product data of leading brands.
Once you clip the model #, other product information will be auto generated.
A great time saver!

You can copy and paste text and take image screenshots from a PDF file opened via a browser