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Infographic: 4 Must-Haves of a Good Design Proposal (And No, No Powerpoint Involved)


So you’ve got a new lead, and you already know exactly how you’ll bring that charming little cul-de-sac to its full potential. Your prospective client is just as excited as you are, and all you have to do to get the ball rolling is to submit a design proposal.

We say that like it’s an easy thing, although in reality, it’s probably one of the most tedious parts of the job.

Unfortunately, you can’t escape the fact that this is still a business transaction. That means you not only have to deliver something worth all the money they’re paying you — you also have to make sure you’re adequately compensated for your hard work.

What Makes the Perfect Design Proposal?

Not the drawings or mood boards. Those will have to wait.

A good design proposal, whether you’re only offering interior design, architecture, or the whole design-build package, needs to clearly state what you’re going to do, how long it takes, and what it’ll cost.

Take a look at the infographic below.

Infographic: 4 Must-Haves of a Good Design Proposal | Fohlio

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This is actually a summary of a pretty comprehensive guide that we published before, so if you want more details on crafting your pitch, check it out here.

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Published Mar 4, 2018