New: Better Filtering, Grouping, and Procurement Document Customization

Who likes a messy workspace? Not this guy! (You can't see this but I'm pointing at myself.)

That's why we're excited to show you some new tools just for you -- and the friends you work with on Fohlio.

1, You can now select more than one category to display.

From there, you can create reports, purchase orders, and invoices using the categories you selected. You know, the cool Fohlio stuff.

2, If you have a Group By setting active on the dashboard, that's what your external collaborator will see when you initially share the project with them.

3, Additionally, external collaborators can now group items for themselves using any column they have access to.

And, they can use filter features as well! (That is, as long as you have the group by and filter features on your account.)

4, Grouping by area in the procurement workflow is much smoother.

5, And lastly, you can now customize your default service and retainer list to match your firm's work flows!

Pretty sweet, huh?

Life just gets easier with Fohlio.

Happy creating!

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