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New: Faster Uploads – and a Faster Fohlio Overall


Less Work When Uploading Products to Fohlio

Whether you’re adding items to your Library in bulk or migrating entire projects, we’ve made the whole process a lot more efficient. You can now:

  • Upload products to both your project and your company’s Internal Library at the same time.

  • Assign products to areas and suppliers – no more manually updating at a later time.

  • Download a template containing only the columns you need. Avoid distractions and reduce errors!

  • Group components with their parents, and automatically link them to your project and Internal Library.

  • Get an email notification when the upload finishes – no need to actively keep an eye on progress.

Smoother Day-to-Day Operations to Boost Your Team’s Performance

We’re also investing in, and improving the technology used across different modules in Fohlio. What this means for your day-to-day is:

  • Faster loading speed for Project Sheets, Internal Library, Project Settings and Category Settings (just to do a bit of name-dropping).

  • Enhanced overall performance and experience by enriching our validations and technologies.

  • Optimizations to better support those big, big projects.

Happy Creating!

Expore Fohlio

Learn how to:

  • Save days of work with faster specification
  • Create firm-wide design standards
  • Automate and centralize procurement
  • Keep your whole team on the same Page
  • Manage product data
  • Track budget against cost in real time.
  • Prepare for asset valuation
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Published Dec 14, 2022