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New Features: Track Status and Revisions in Purchase Orders


Ever feel like you could swear the purchase order in your hand was the final one, but then you found out there was a revision, or a revision of the revision, or a last-minute extra charge? 

I’ll then have to either eat the additional cost or go back to my customer to ask for more money—not my favorite conversation. 

With the latest enhancements to Fohlio’s Purchase Orders tool, you’ll be able to: 

See the Exact Status of Any Purchase Order 

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Now in full technicolor — so you can see the status of any purchase order at a glance! 

Match Vendor Invoices With Additional Cost Fields

Purchase orders now have fields for packing costs, duties, and more.​

What Architects Can Learn From Vermeer

Some costs are never truly final until you receive an invoice — long after you send out a purchase order. 

Now, you can match your PO costs to your vendor’s invoice so your accounting is always accurate.

Update Costs and Track Revisions

Besides estimated costs that may need to be updated (see above), you may also need to make a product swap. 

Or maybe your vendor tacked on a rush fee so you can still meet deadline despite all the changes the client asked for.

Purchase orders are locked until someone decides to make a revision.​

What Architects Can Learn From Vermeer

But every time changes are made, it’s saved as a revision — so it’s easier to catch errors and explain why changes are made.​

What Architects Can Learn From Vermeer

Happy creating!

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Published Dec 17, 2019