New: Track Changes, PO Approvals by Thresholds, and Project-Based Templates

Fohlio just made it easier to manage approvals by threshold, use the right templates for different project types, and track input changes.

You can now:

1. Require approvals for purchase orders over certain amounts.

​Send POs for external approval and set amount thresholds for different management members’ sign-off. For example, any PO over $5,000 needs the approval of Team Member A, but POs over $20,000 must be approved by Team Members A, then B, then C.

2. Track changes for every item.

spec sheet history log | FF&E history log | FF&E schedule history log Fohlio

You will now see a history log for each item in your project and even filter events according to team roles.

3. Use different templates for different project types. 


Set up your favorite hospitality template for hotel projects, and use a healthcare template for hospital improvements. Only use the phase tabs you need for each project, instead of all the existing tabs. ​

Get in touch with a product specialist today to explore these features. Happy creating!

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