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Streamlined Collaboration and Supercharged Admin Tools


Introducing our latest update aimed at enhancing collaboration and administrative efficiency! With the addition of a new side sheet accessible directly from project sheets, column ordering tied to project phases, and centralized column functions, managing projects has never been easier. Additionally, we've introduced enhanced property definitions for columns to improve workspace clarity. Admins can now effortlessly update project access user by user, while email tracking for purchase orders ensures clear communication. Reports have also received upgrades, offering deeper insights and smoother coordination. 

Column Settings Side Sheet Integration and Enhanced Column Functionality

Our latest feature release includes enhancements to streamline your template configuration and improve usability. In this update, we have introduced a new side sheet directly accessible from your project sheets, refined column ordering tied to phases, and centralized all column functions within the side sheet for greater efficiency.

New Side Sheet Integration: You can now access a convenient side sheet pop out directly from your project sheets, providing quick access to essential tools and functions without interrupting your workflow. Simply click on the designated icon to open the side sheet.

Phase-Tied Column Ordering: We've revamped column ordering to be tied to project phases, offering more flexibility and customization options. Instead of a universal ordering system, columns can now be arranged per phase.

Example: If in one phase you have the first three columns as: 

      [1. Product Name 2. Product type,  3. QTY. 4. Dimension 5. Description]

In a different phase, you can have a different order of these columns like so:

      [1. Product type 2. Description 3. Dimension 4. Product Name 5. QTY]

In other words, columns are now free to be rearranged in all phases.

Centralized Column Functions: All column functions have been centralized within the side sheet for enhanced accessibility and ease of use. Before, if you had to hide or pin a column, it would be per the settings associated with that column. With this upgrade, you can now access a quick overview of all columns and perform such actions easier and faster!

Enhanced Property Definitions: To improve clarity and organization within your workspace, we have introduced new property definitions for columns, distinguishing between internal library product related fields, project-specific, and budgeting & costs columns.

An example of a Project Management field could be the need-by date or the manufacturer for that project's region. While an Internal Library Product Info field would be the Dimension, Brand or Fabric.


Update project access, user by user

Hey workspace or project admin, now you've got the power to effortlessly update a user’s access to ALL PROJECTS (at least the ones you manage) in one go! Say goodbye to the hassle of individually editing access on a per-project basis. Whether someone's switching roles or starting fresh, it's a breeze to adjust their permissions and keep everything running smoothly.

Simply go to Settings > User Management > Internal User List (or click here). Then, hit the “Edit Project Access” button and the rest is history.

  • Review all workspace projects for a user
  • Filter by region or project access to narrow down the search
  • Update the access for many projects smoothly


Email Tracking for POs

Ever find yourself crossing your fingers, hoping your emails land in the right inbox and get noticed? Say goodbye to that uncertainty! Now, when you send purchase orders for approval or to suppliers, you'll know exactly what's happening on the other end. See if your email sailed smoothly into the recipient's inbox, got a thumbs-up, or maybe needs a gentle nudge via other channels. No more guessing games—just clear communication every time.

  • Add yourself (or others) to CC when sending out POs to suppliers
  • Check the “Email Status” of POs to quickly scan if any emails failed
  • Drill deeper into the email log of each PO and know when it’s time to follow up with recipients using other channels

More on Reports

Check it out: "QTY in Area Matrix" has leveled up! Now, not only does it display your regular quantity, but it also spills the beans on the "Extra QTY." Why does this matter? Well, when it's time to roll out those goods for installation, you'll have a clear heads-up on how much extra product to expect. 

No more surprises—just smoother coordination with your installation crew: receive 61, install 59 according to the area matrix (item quantity per area, multiplied by count of areas), and store 2 pieces for future replacements.

Here's the scoop: when you opt for the "Breakdown QTY" feature in your reports, the calculations switch gears. Instead of just crunching numbers based on quantity per area, it now taps into the Area QTY. What's the big deal? Well, you’ll know exactly what each bed costs across all your King Rooms. With this clarity, you're getting quicker at getting budgets approved and tracking costs.

Video walkthrough: Watch here:

Exciting times ahead! Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements. 🚀 

Happy Creating!✨

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Published Mar 27, 2024