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Update: One Excel Table to Bind Them. One Excel Table to Rule Them All


A brand new fresh Fohlio feature coming your way and another super secret one if you make it to the end of this post.

Oh, hey! And this post is dedicated to all of my Lord of the Rings (and Fohlio) fans.

Excel Table

Just me?

On a serious note:

With Fohlio you now have a super flexible Excel download—

Excel Table with Product Images

[screen shot from a either production or the test environment]

Pick what you want Fohlio to bring into your Excel file and hit download.

But, Matt, didn’t Fohlio already have this?”

Excel Table with Product Images

First, yes, but that’s an old screenshot.

And second, our new Excel download is a lot more powerful.

We combined our Excel Invoice for Client features with our Excel Table with Product Images features to make one Excel download to rule them all:

Excel Table with Product Images

Look at this majestic beast. Give it a download and—

I mean, see for yourself.

Okay. So you now know you have even more flexibility and power over your Excel downloads.

Here’s another feature we just released:

Go to Your Library—

And you can now search for items by project.


Looking for that thing you put in that one place that one time?

You know the time.

Just search for the name of the project in your library and see everything you used for that client.

Give it a whirl with a product you’re specifying—

vSee what I did there?

Let us know what you think!

Happy creating!

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Published Jan 11, 2019