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Your Easiest Hotel Design Renovation Project Ever


Hotels are not just places to stay for the night; they are destinations for travelers who are seeking unique experiences that are both comfortable and memorable. That’s why hotel renovation projects are crucial for staying competitive in today's ever-changing hospitality industry. However, with so many properties to manage across multiple locations, keeping up with FF&E and OS&E brand guidelines can be a daunting task.

Enter Fohlio – a renovation design software that streamlines the renovation process and takes care of the compliance and clerical work so that you can focus on the creative side of things. 

Actually, we’re a product data management software by day, renovation management tool by night.

Aaaanywaaaayyyy – With Fohlio, you can update your brand guidelines with guardrails that you can trust and spend more time creating spaces that resonate with your guests. Here’s how:

1. Make hotel design brand standards easily accessible.

The first thing you want to do is go back to your hotel design brand standards. You’re not necessarily looking to reinvent the wheel – you just want to make things a bit fresher than a certain prince from Bel Air.

On the other hand – reacquainting yourself with your hotel’s design matrix might actually be a good opportunity to spot guidelines that may feel a little dated. Which means you may actually want to go ahead and update those design standards.

Either way, having a central platform that stores all this data, which can be accessed by all stakeholders involved, keeps everyone on the same page.

Which leads us to:

2. Collaborate efficiently with all your stakeholders.

Fohlio simplifies renovation management by providing a collaborative platform for designers, purchasers, and third-party team members. You don’t just standardize specifications and centralize data – making it easier to enforce brand standards, lower procurement costs, and reduce delays – you also keep all your data updated and all your changes in one place.

That means:

  • Less time spent reaching out individually to multiple stakeholders to request action or provide updates.
  • Seeing everyone’s action points in one place makes it easier to see who hasn’t submitted their work and follow up with them.

Just make sure everyone involved in the hotel renovation project is invited to Fohlio and given their specific permissions. That way, designers can specify the new FF&E and OS&E, managers can approve them, purchasers can put in the orders, contractors can refer to the project sheets for installation, and so on.

Look at that, this point just led us to the next one:

3. Manage your entire renovation workflow from start to finish.

Fohlio offers a wide range of features that make renovation interior design and remodeling programs more accessible. You can manage the entire renovation project from one platform, from the initial design concept to the final installation. You can also create and manage a detailed project budget, keep track of costs, and even order supplies directly through the platform.

Here’s what that means: Your design team can go into the brand standards and specify products that adhere to the requirements.

When they’re finished, design managers or heads of design can put a final approval on the items.

Then, the procurement team can take over and generate RFQs, send out POs, and manage other procurement workflows.

And all of these happen without having to switch to any other software. You don’t even have to send email! 

That means your procurement agents don’t have to manually copy and paste specifications from spreadsheets (or PDFs, God forbid) – less time spent, fewer mistakes made!

With Fohlio as your one source of truth for design & procurement, and specification needs, you can ensure design consistency at scale, making it easy to make your guests feel at home and create memorable experiences wherever they travel, rest, work, and play.

In conclusion, Fohlio is a game-changer when it comes to renovating hotels across multiple locations. With Fohlio, you can spend less time on compliance and clerical work and more time being creative. You can update brand guidelines with guardrails that you can trust and ensure design consistency at scale. Whether you're working on a small or large renovation project, Fohlio is your go-to renovation design software for all your interior design and remodeling needs.


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  • Automate and centralize procurement
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  • Prepare for asset valuation
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Published Feb 16, 2023