Specify Products
& Manage Design Standards With Ease

Streamline specification workflows with Fohlio.

Built for All Teams

Fohlio is where cross-functional team collaboration happens.

Specify More Efficiently

  • Extract product information from supplier websites in seconds.
  • Build your custom library.
  • Eliminate copying and pasting.
  • Reduce manual work and human error.
  • Find any product using any attribute.

Manage All Your Materials in One Place

  • Save floor finishes, doors, windows, equipment, etc. in one materials library.
  • No more switching between multiple folders and spreadsheets.
  • Find replacements for discontinued items faster.
  • Track material performance for future specification.
All product view

Enforce Design Standards

  • Manage, publish, and share multiple brand standards.
  • Create brand-approved product lists.
  • Build material catalogs for different projects.
  • Set up room templates.
  • Ensure consistent brand experiences between locations.
Spec writing

Generate Professional Reports in No Time

  • Send the right data to the right stakeholders.
  • Create dedicated report templates.
  • Securely store and easily retrieve franchise standards for future projects.
  • Provide detailed reports for general contractors and subcontractors.
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Collaborate Better

  • Get early buy-in from facility managers.
  • Enable efficient value-engineering with vendors.
  • Manage approvals in one place.
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