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Elevate Patient Care Design Standards

Fohlio helps you put patients first.

Fohlio is the best product data management software to enforce brand standards in projects with 10 or more locations.

Built for Repeatable Projects and Cross-Functional Teams

Build a Custom Materials and Medical Equipment Catalog

  • Filter products according to strict healthcare standards.
  • Create standard product lists by area: patient rooms, nurses’ stations, and more.
  • Build a materials catalog that is fully compliant with healthcare standards.

Make Procedure-Based Area Programming More Efficient

  • Create predictability in the built environment for healthcare staff.
  • Define standards for operating rooms and other highly specialized areas.

Build Wellness Into Healthcare Design

  • Ensure patient comfort and privacy.
  • Apply wayfinding design principles.
  • Implement wellness standards for patients with pre-approved color palettes, etc.
  • Increase employee satisfaction and productivity with well-designed work areas and break rooms.

Enforce Design Standards

  • Match brand experiences between locations.
  • Ensure the same level of infection control, wellness, and more.
  • Fulfill state-based regulatory compliance.

Lower Procurement Costs

  • Reduce timelines with pre-approved products.
  • Recreate standard patient rooms, laboratories, and waiting areas with less effort.
  • Negotiate better discounts with volume data.
  • Budget accurately to prevent delays and control spending.

Design and Build Smarter Over Time

  • Track materials and equipment performance for future specification.
  • Share product/equipment performance data with suppliers for relationship/pricing management.
  • Compare purchasing performance between locations.

Collaborate Better

  • Get early buy-in from facility managers.
  • Enable efficient value-engineering with vendors.

Lower Maintenance and OS&E Costs

  • Replace or repair medical/critical care equipment faster with easily available product data.
  • Establish visual control or “status at a glance” standard operating procedures.
  • Simplify reordering medical, cleaning, and office supplies.