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New: More Flexibility in Adding and Arranging Products

Your dashboard just got more powerful and convenient. With Fohlio‘s new interface and grouping function, you can now:

1, Navigate common functions faster, and instantly add products wherever you want to.

We added a dropdown menu beside each item so you no longer have to look for editing functions at the top of your spec sheet. Plus: Items added from the library no longer have to automatically go to the top of your list.

2, Group products according to any hierarchy you want.

​See all your products grouped according to area even in “all item” view. Arrange products according to PO status to see how many shipments are still expected, or according to client approval status to see how many items you’re still waiting on for a decision.

You can even create shortcuts by adding presets!

3, Enjoy a sleeker look to components and access discarded items more easily.

Items that are also components have grayed-out tick boxes, with the darker boxes denoting the parent.

Discarded items are now in the top right section of your dashboard. 

Explore these features today or schedule a call with an account manager.

Happy creating!

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