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The Fohlio-Revit Plugin Is Here: Add Product Images and Links Without Manual Work


It’s finally here!

Actually, it’s been here for a few days — as some of you eagle-eyed users may have spotted:


How many times have you generated schedules in Revit — only to find that several elements are missing?

And how many times have you resigned yourself to (too many) hours of typing in the missing data one by one, and going over them again just to make sure that everything is there?

Well, no more.

With Fohlio’s Revit integration, your schedules are not just complete — they now have more data than ever before:

  • Consistently create Revit schedules that don’t have missing data.
  • Add images and product URLs/links to your Revit schedule.
  • Easily sync between Fohlio and Revit to update your schedule.

Book a one-on-one session here if you would like in-depth and personalized training. As always, get in touch with us on live chat whenever you need help.

Happy creating!

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Published Oct 21, 2019