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NEW in BETA: Order Tracking Worksheet and Alternate suppliers with Pricing & Lead Times


We are thrilled to introduce three powerful new features designed to enhance your project management experience!

Introducing Our Latest Features:


Enhanced Order & Shipment Tracking [BETA]

Our Order Tracking has received a major upgrade with a new worksheet that boosts visibility and simplifies workflow. Enjoy features like split shipments and tracking orders even without Purchase Orders.

Row Highlighting

Improve your project sheet visibility by highlighting entire rows with a simple click. Use our quick click and color selector updates for easy identification and organization.

Library Pricing [BETA]

This powerful new feature will revolutionize how you manage product sourcing and pricing across your projects. Centralize your supplier pricing information, streamline your estimates, and easily make informed decisions.

Let’s dig in!


Order & Shipment Tracking [BETA]

Our new, intuitive worksheet is designed to track your items from order placement to final destination.

  • Key Features:

    • Customizable Views: Tailor your views to suit your needs and preferences, including all item details.
    • Order Tracking Without POs: Track orders even when purchases are made outside Fohlio’s Purchase Order functionality.
    • Split Shipments: Manage and track split shipments, even when items are shipped from different purchase orders.
    • Mini-Dashboard: Get an at-a-glance view of the status of your items with our mini-dashboard.
    • Advanced Grouping and Filtering: Use grouping and filtering options to navigate and track items more effectively, simplifying the management of large datasets


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More Details on Order & Shipment Tracking:


Streamlined Shipment Generation:

Users can now generate shipments directly for items without a Purchase Order, simplifying the order fulfillment process.

Multi-PO Shipments:

Create grouped shipments for items spread across multiple POs within the same project, enhancing both flexibility and efficiency in order management.

Split Shipments Capability:

Manage and track split shipments with ease. This feature allows you to track items even when they are shipped in separate quantities under the same order. Ensure accurate tracking of order fulfillment and delivery timing to keep your projects running smoothly without losing visibility.

Delivery Date Indicators:
Introducing a dedicated stage for shipments approaching their delivery dates, helping you make timely decisions and stay on schedule.

Upcoming Enhancements:

Soon, you will have indicators for items nearing their delivery dates, enabling proactive management and timely actions.

Stay tuned for more features coming in the next few months to further enhance order tracking capabilities and split shipments!

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Row Highlighting

Highlight rows in your tables to improve visibility. 

Activated by using a quick right click on any needed row, OR by selecting the Highlight tool from the Edit menu.

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Streamline Your Sourcing Process with Library Pricing [BETA]

We are thrilled to introduce our new Library Pricing feature, designed to revolutionize how you manage product sourcing and pricing across your projects.

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Centralized Supplier Pricing Data

Store all your supplier pricing information in one centralized library. Eliminate scattered pricing lists and outdated records, ensuring everything is organized for easy access and updates.

Seamless Project Integration

With just a few clicks, integrate your preferred supplier pricing into any project. This seamless data flow from the library simplifies your estimates and sourcing decisions.

Compare Supplier Options:

Easily compare pricing, lead times, and other key metrics across multiple suppliers for each product. Make informed decisions to optimize costs and timelines for every order.

Quarterly/Annual Pricing Updates

When suppliers update their pricing, quickly review and push new rates across all relevant projects. Stay up-to-date with the latest costs without tedious manual updates.

What's Coming Next:

  • Push/Pull Pricing Updates: Sync pricing updates between the library and projects.
  • Detailed Price Change Logs: Keep track of cost projections with detailed logs.
  • Supplier Integration: Receive pricing directly from suppliers.
  • And More!

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As always, we welcome any feedback on these new features. Please let our support team know if you have any questions!

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Published Jun 26, 2024