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New: Drag & Drop It Like It’s Hot + Improved Gridview Reports


OW OWWWW!! 🎶It’s getting hot in here, so do all your specs in Fohlio 🎶. That reference might just be for a few people. But, I’m having fun! And isn’t that what counts? 

Okay, so what’s new on Fohlio?  (<< video here in case that’s better)

Drag and Drop

You can now drag items in the project sheet and drop them: 



Just grab a hold right there. Move that little guy wherever you need. For now, you can change the order of the items. But, soon, we’ll add a boat load more drag and drop fun to your work in Fohlio. 

Gridview PDF 

Okay okay okay okay. For some of you, this is going to be a Fohlio prayer answered. For others, you’ll wonder why we did things any other way. It’s a long story.

The tl;dr is that back in the day to change the PDF GridView, you had to go to… *shudder*... SETTINGS. :



And I don’t know about you, but I clench up with terror having to go to a Settings page. 

So, now, when you want to download a GridView PDF here:


Fohlio will give you editing options here:



Fohlio. Super. Simple. Stuff. 

Fohlio. Super. Simple. Hero. Stuff.

Do you ever feel like you’re bugging us when you give us feedback? Boy howdy. Let me tell you how thankful we are when you tell us what’s on your mind. 

So talk to us on the live chat. We’re constantly building and improving. 

(even if it takes us a while to answer everyone’s prayers)

Happy creating!

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Published Feb 16, 2023