Built for All Teams

Fohlio is where cross-functional team collaboration happens.

Keep Trusted Suppliers Top of Mind

  • Create approved vendor lists.
  • Compare and track vendor pricing and lead times.
Track materials and equipment performance for future specification.-1

Build a Custom Catalog of Proven Materials

  • Identify products often used in projects.
  • Quickly and easily reorder trusted items.

Standardize Projects and Workflows

  • Quickly plan for new projects/franchises using templates.
  • Budget quickly and accurately using past and real-time data.
Multiple Dashboard View

Negotiate Better Pricing and Terms

  • Use volume data to get bigger discounts.
Track materials and equipment performance for future specification. (2)

Avoid Overspending

  • Identify cost overruns before you spend anything.
  • Automatically require or provide approval based on PO amount thresholds.
Cost Analysis Breakdown

Cut Down on Labor Costs

  • Automate procurement workflows.
  • Reduce hours spent on manual, repetitive data entry.
  • Minimize errors that result in hours of do-over work.
  • Standardize workflows across teams.