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This Construction Firm Saved Money by Streamlining Specification With Procurement Using Fohlio

Project Types
Residential, Commercial Construction, Light Refurbishment
Team size
15+ Employees
Kensington, England
Construction and Design
Use Cases

Managing multiple workflows

Standardizing templates

At a Glance

What They Needed Help With:

  • Relied on spreadsheets for manual specification.
  • Had difficulty documenting their specifications.
  • Had very complex spreadsheets that contained granular information like tracking schedules of beginning to end-delivery dates, tracking dates, and actual delivery dates.
  • Needed to track what phases their projects were in.
  • Had difficulty in identifying what stage a project is in, like design, construction, etc.
  • No standard process and workflow.
  • Lack of standard documentation templates caused problems during turnovers.

Fohlio’s Solutions:

  • Specification features for the documentation and specification issues.
  • Custom columns for procurement data and phase trackers.
  • Customizable reporting features.
  • A standardized documentation template.

How They're Doing Now:

  • A digital product catalog/library allowed the company to manage product information and easily search for specific items.
  • All granular procurement information is easily tracked, in one place.
  • A standardized template creates uniformity for the company documents.
  • Fohlio as a centralized platform gives the team access to the same information and encourages cross-team collaboration.
  • Having access to the same information means a better understanding of how the company should run its processes.
  • Frictionless turnovers.

An Expertise In Refurbishment And Construction

The company specializes in residential and commercial construction as well as light refurbishment. This London-based company has been shortlisted for The International Design & Architecture Awards of 2021, and has won many awards prior.

From luxurious interiors like their project Berkley Court apartment renovations to commercial spaces like office fit-outs on Berkley Street, this company takes the cake in skillful refurbishment and renovation.

Not Even Experts Have All The Answers

When Fohlio first met the company representatives, they were struggling with documenting their specifications. Spreadsheets for procurement were very complex: They contained tracking schedules of beginning-to-end delivery dates, target delivery tracking dates, and actual delivery dates. All these were in a large spreadsheet that, frankly, made the data almost unusable.

Each Man For Himself

The company had a large design and procurement team, and for the most part, individual members each had their own way of doing things. This meant that design documents differed depending on the project and which team was working on it. There was no singular template for company documents, and the only person who was capable of perfectly translating these design documents was the person assigned to make the document -- making turnovers even more tedious than they already were.

Finessing Volume Data and Creating Cross-Functional Team Synergy

Not long after Fohlio onboarding, the teams finally had a living, breathing product catalog library, which managed all of their product specifications. Flexible and customizable tables in Fohlio now track important details about their procurement statuses. These custom columns also contain information on what stage of the design and production process a project is in.

Having centralized all of their project data specifications in Fohlio, the company finally had time to focus on the next big thing: team coordination. Fohlio was able to work on creating standard design and report templates that all members of their team could use for both internal and external reporting. It also became very easy to collaborate with external or third parties participating in their projects because Fohlio gave the firm the ability to view parts of the project they were previously unable to see.