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How A Design and Procurement Firm Built Specifications 4x Faster and Saved Hours Of Work With Fohlio

Project Types
Hospitality/ Hotels and Resorts
Team size
6-10 Employees
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Real Estate & Hospitality
Use Cases

Product Management

Improving Specification Processes

At a Glance

What They Needed Help With:

  • Relied on spreadsheets for specifications.
  • Had difficulty managing products that meet brand standards and international guidelines.
  • Reports took hours to make.
  • Spent hours copying and pasting again and again when building project data.

Fohlio’s Solutions:

  • Specification features for managing product and project data
  • Approval features to manage stakeholder approval for different brand standards
  • Automated, custom report builder
  • Duplication features that took hours off of specification building

How They're Doing Now:

  • Have a streamlined process for design and specification.
  • Saving hours of work because of automation like report builders and specification features.
  • Able to filter products according to brand standards using Fohlio's digital materials library.

A Design and Procurement Hospitality Powerhouse

The company, whose headquarters are located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States, was founded in 1984. Their main expertise is in the hospitality industry. This company has worked with some leading established international hotels, casinos, and airports.

Spreadsheets Aren’t Efficient for Product Information and Procurement Data

Highly commercial spaces like hotels, casinos, and airports have very high standards, mostly because they need to meet international design guidelines. That means brand standards and details are crucial. For firms like this, which have a lot of high-end projects, the tendency is to specify much of the same products repeatedly across multiple projects. This is because you rarely come across items that meet international guidelines.

Before Fohlio, the company was doing all these things and managing all their standards through Excel. That includes room data sheets, product information, and procurement tracking information. This was a problem because depending on spreadsheets alone was a cause for mishaps, and was just a little short of becoming a burden.

Standards, Standards, Standards

Once Fohlio got their team onboarded, internal processes improved. The team built and organized their specification library, which contained products that had mostly met brand standards. With automated duplication features, work got easier for the team. It meant that they didn't have to spend hours copying and pasting much of the same specifications across different projects. This time, it only took a few clicks and a few minutes.

Visibility improved for tracking approvals, which improved their overall timing and efficiency. Their team was also able to build custom report templates. They didn’t need to spend hours making reports and had more time to focus on other business improvement processes.