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UPDATE: Auto-generate presentations that look EXACTLY the way you want them


Select the font, color, style, logo size, alignment, paper orientation, cover page—all the tools you’re accustomed to: ​

product details

…and arrange the fields on your template any way you need—requirements, product details, notes, disclaimers, footnotes, and anything else you need in your spec sheets. Everything is right where you want it.

Here’s a version of our template but tweaked so that some of the info shows up in the top left and the Notes and Disclaimers are wide and have plenty of space:​

product details

Once you have your template set with us, Fohlio will auto-generate presentations that match your format, branding, and style.

And, if you need to make any additional tweaks and edits, Fohlio offers you even more flexibility with our Google Slides integration.

Add a title page, too:​

335 Madison

Okay. Your cover page will look cooler than mine. BUT—

The important thing is—with Fohlio—you can have presentations that match your style.


​For a short video of how it works, click here.

OR, if you like reading, keep reading! 

Next time you’re on the site just go here:​


​To get started, submit your custom presentation template requirement here: ​


​One of our Product Specialists will bring your presentation to life on our platform and work with you so it looks just like you need it.

This power feature is available for anyone who has a Starter or Studioaccount.

Design and build better with Fohlio. Sign up for your free trial, or schedule a free demo.

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Published Dec 18, 2018